Mastering the Art of Listening & Managing Tough Feedback

One-Day Workshop

Learn the Art of Listening and Managing Tough Feedback“Many years ago, a mentor of mine told me something very profound. I asked him what it was that kept certain managers moving up the corporate ladder while others stopped. What he said has never left me. He told me that those leaders who did not progress to the top stopped being coachable.
Brenda Bence

There are two mindsets that cripple many senior executives:

  • The belief that they have made it to the top and are somehow beyond the need to listen to others or to accept feedback. They no longer feel that they have anything to learn, so they remain in a static place without growth. As a result, their careers also cease to grow.
  • The lack of ability to provide tough feedback to subordinates, peers and even bosses, which prevents their teams – and the company - from improving and growing.

These skills are intricately linked and are both critical to the success of a leader.

In BDA International’s Mastering the Art of Listening & Managing Tough Feedback training, your managers will:

  • Learn to be effective listeners and manage tough feedback in their roles as managers.
  • Learn to use listening skills and proven feedback techniques that provide numerous benefits, including better ideas and communication, greater motivation, improved productivity, and enhanced performance.Two-Way Communication is Critical for Successful Leadership
  • Learn the critical importance of two-way communication for successful leadership and why it is fundamental for the success of the company as a whole.
  • Distinguish between “listening” and “hearing” on the job.
  • Conduct a self-assessment of individual listening capabilities.
  • Explore the top day-to-day barriers that prevent a manager from listening well … and learn techniques to overcome those barriers.
  • Uncover the seven pillars that provide the foundation for good listening skills.
  • Practice and role-play three proven techniques for more effective listening.
  • Make a plan/establish personal goals and accountability for continued listening success when back on the job.
  • Understand the value behind giving feedback – whether the feedback is positive or negative.
  • Uncover the core reasons for not giving feedback as often as necessary and how to take the “fear” out of giving tough feedback.
  • Participants Role-Play Using the “IDEA” Model of Providing Tough FeedbackBy using the FEEDBACK model, learn the eight characteristics of good feedback and how embracing these characteristics can actually make managers comfortable with delivering tough news.
  • Role-play using the “IDEA” model of providing challenging feedback.
  • Practice handling tough scenarios from real-life case studies where employees responded negatively to feedback.
  • Identify one individual who needs to hear tough feedback, and make a plan to provide this feedback when back on the job.

Senior people who continue to be at the top of their game recognize that there is always room for growth, so they master the art of listening, and they ask for feedback regularly. They also understand the need to develop their teams, which requires the ability to give feedback on a regular basis – even when that feedback is challenging.

You made simple yet effective material into a fun workshop. Way to go! I look forward to the next one.end quote

Yuthadej Putamanonda, Standard Chartered Bank

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