Relationship Branding: Marketing & Branding for Salespeople

Creating a Powerful Marketing Mindset for Greater Sales Success

Learn How to Create a Powerful Marketing Mindset for Greater Sales SuccessWe often separate sales and marketing – to our detriment. This training throws that separation out the window and helps every salesperson understand that he or she already is a marketer.

Your sales team will learn the difference between marketing, branding, and sales and how understanding these differences can result in exponential sales growth.

BDA International’s Relationship Branding training creates a shift in thinking from “I’m in Sales” to “I’m in Relationship Branding.” This shift is a breakthrough that unleashes a powerful new “marketing mindset” to increase your teams’ outputs, impacting both your revenue and your bottom line profits.

Your sales team will:

  • Relationship Branding Workshop - Improve Both Your Revenues and Your Bottom Line ProfitsClarify your company brand is all about and why each salesperson must keep that brand top of mind during sales calls in order to ensure your company’s success.
  • Learn how to reinforce your company’s brand during daily customer interactions via the power of Relationship Branding.
  • Discover what marketing really is, why it’s critical to success, how it differs from sales … and why that matters.
  • Discover the role each sales rep plays as a “marketer” for the company brand, and what that role means for both the individual success of the rep and the success of the overall business.
  • Better understand your customers’ needs and what your clients’ brands stand for.
  • Unearth larger-price-tag opportunities to bring your company a quick and dramatic increase in revenues.
  • Make a plan to implement powerful new sales-growth ideas to lead your company to greater revenue and profit results.
  • Be ready to assign clear responsibility for turning that plan into reality via an “accountability grid” – who will do what and when – as soon as the team returns back to work.

I attended a one day Relationship Branding workshop and found that the ideas were fresh and well thought out - not just platitudes. It was an excellent sales team-building exercise for both the new and experienced staff!end quote

David Lapetus, SEARA

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