Mastering the Brand Called YOU™: Crafting and Communicating Your Personal Brand at Work

Apply tried-and-true corporate branding techniques to your own career and surpass your goals through Personal Branding!

This training is an eye-opening journey using Brenda Bence’s groundbreaking concepts developed in her 25 years of branding and coaching. Your organization’s employees / team members will transform their careers and apply new energy to their jobs.

Brenda will “enter-train” your group as they learn through this hands-on, interactive workshop:

  • Discover what Personal Branding is, and how personal branding really works.
  • Explore how the same six core elements that have built every famous and own-able ‘corporate’ brand in the world can be directly applied to each one of your team members to craft their own desired Personal Brands – the trademarked ‘YOU™.’
  • Learn what the six core elements of each individual’s “Personal Brand Positioning Statement” are, and how these elements work together as a whole to form each individual’s own desired personal brand definition.
  • Uncover the five activities that your team members do each and every day at work that most impact how their personal brands are being communicated.
  • Apply those five activities, your team will “do” as they learn, creating their own powerful, actionable Personal Brand Marketing Plan that they can implement the minute they walk out the door and back into their offices.
  • Learn how to avoid Personal Branding mistakes through Brenda’s unprecedented and eye-opening Personal Brand Busters™.
  • Make a plan to implement these powerful personal branding tools every day in their job for a positive impact both internal and external work relationships with clients, subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors.
  • Fully embrace personal branding as a ‘mindset’ that can help them achieve more on the job, and ultimately bring greater career satisfaction

This training is available in half-day, one-full-day, and two-day sessions.

With a training program that fits every need, your organization’s members or employees can discover the power of Personal Branding by THE international branding expert.

Contact us today to learn more about how BDA’s exciting training, Mastering the Brand Called YOU™: Crafting and Communicating Your Personal Brand at Work, can help your group achieve greater success, career fulfillment, and better relationships on the job. Just call, email, or fill out our convenient contact form now!