How to Master Your Leadership Personal Brand as an Executive

Brand Yourself a Leader with BDA’s Leadership Personal Branding WorkshopsWhy do some managers continue to move up in an organization while others don’t?

That’s a question on the minds of many executives/senior managers today. But the answer isn’t necessarily because they have the most experience or education.

The belief that “the most qualified person gets the job” is often a myth. In today’s competitive business world, it takes more than talent to make it as an executive.

The truth is: You’re more likely to be selected for increasingly responsible positions based on how well others perceive, think, and feel about “YOU™” – the trademarked YOU – on the job. The art and science of Leadership Branding is what keeps senior managers moving up the ladder.

We all have favorite brands that we rely on again and again for their quality, dependability, and performance. What would it mean for your career and job satisfaction if your customers, peers, boss, or Board of Directors felt the same about YOU™?

One of the best and most relevant workshops I’ve attended.  Not only will it benefit my work, but also my life!end quote

Lanchana Thadtanone, EVP, Standard Chartered Bank

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In BDA International’s Leadership Branding training, your senior managers will:

  • Discover what Leadership Branding really is and how it can make a difference to overall career success.
  • Explore how the same six core elements that have built every famous and own-able “corporate” brand in the world can be directly applied to each executive/manager, as individuals, to craft their own desired Leadership Brand.Leadership Personal Branding Training Workshop for Senior Managers
  • Uncover the five activities that executives/managers do each and every day at work that most impact how well their Leadership Brand is communicated.
  • Apply these five activities to a customized “Leadership Brand Marketing Plan” for greater success as an executive/manager.
  • Make a plan to implement these powerful Leadership Branding tools every day on the job to impact both internal and external work relationships with customers, subordinates, colleagues, and bosses in a positive way.
  • Put these Leadership Branding tools into action with a tailor-made exercise that targets tough leadership situations specific to your company.
  • Take a quiz to see whether each manager has committed any of the Top Leadership Brand Busters™ as defined specifically by and for your company. These are the most common mistakes made by leaders at your company which can – unknowingly – damage their Leadership Brands. These mistakes, in turn, damage your company’s brand.
  • Fully embrace Leadership Branding as a “mindset” that can help managers achieve more on the job and ultimately bring greater career satisfaction and advancement in their positions.

It was an inspirational experience going through the Leadership workshop. I truly enjoyed and learned every single minute of it!end quote

Karl Baim, COO, AIA

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The Half-Day Mini-Workshop includes:

Find Out The Top Leadership Personal Branding Mistakes to Avoid
  • A table exercise of Tough Leadership Situations at your company – real-life “torture test” on-the-job challenges where a senior manager’s Leadership Brand might be compromised. Participants discuss and formulate a plan for responding to these challenges in a way that is consistent with their own Leadership Brands, as well as your company’s brand.
  • A self-evaluation quiz of the “Top 5 Leadership Brand Busters™” at your company – a customized list developed from interviews with key executives and role models within your organization.

The in-depth Full-Day Workshop includes the above exercises from the Mini-Workshop and adds intensive exercises such as:

  • Customized Leadership Branding Workshops For Your Company and Your TeamUsing the six core elements that define a Leadership Brand, each participant will walk away with a full “Leadership Brand Positioning Statement” based on their unique situation on the job.
  • Each participant will develop a “Leadership Brand Marketing Plan” to successfully communicate their desired Leadership Brands on the job.
  • The self-evaluation quiz is expanded to include the “Top 10 Leadership Brand Busters™” at your company.

Each of BDA International’s Leadership Branding workshops is customized for your company in order to address the specific issues that your leaders face on a regular basis.

Contact us today to learn more about how BDA International’s Leadership Branding training can help your executives and senior managers create powerful Leadership Brands and better handle tough leadership situations. Just call, email, or fill out our convenient contact form now!