Your Company Brand and the Trademarked ‘YOU™’ – Making the Corporate Brand/Personal Brand Connection

Did you know that the personal brands of your team play a critical role in the establishment of your company’s brand?

That’s because your company’s brand is communicated by what it does in the marketplace – not by what it says it is. So, every customer interaction by every member of your staff communicates your company’s brand – positively or negatively.

This new cutting edge, highly-interactive workshop with internationally renowned marketing and branding expert Brenda Bence is not only customized for your company, but it is the first of its kind to make the connection between corporate and personal branding. Through real-life stories, examples, and “roll-up-your-sleeves” exercises, each participant will learn the principles and foundations of personal branding. They will learn how their individual brands are not only critical to their own success within the company but what role their personal brands play in your company’s success as well.

Active team and individual exercises assure that every participant walks away with a full understanding of all personal branding concepts and can apply them immediately to themselves, their day-to-day jobs, and their interactions with internal and external customers.

Based on interviews with key individuals and role models within your organization, Brenda will develop customized sessions that are specific to your company’s issues and challenges. Through these interactive and engaging sessions, your team members will:

  • Discover what personal branding is and how it really works.
  • Explore how the same six core elements that have built every famous and own-able corporate brand in the world can be directly applied to each one of your team members as individuals to craft their own personal brands – what Brenda calls the “Trademarked ‘YOU™’.”
  • Develop individual Personal Brand Positioning Statements based on those same six core elements.
  • Uncover the five activities that each of your team members do every day at work that most impact how their personal brands – and your corporate brand – are communicated. Apply those five activities to develop customized Personal Brand Marketing Plans for greater success.
  • Understand how those five activities relate to each individual’s role in communicating your company’s brand to existing and potential customers.
  • Participate in a table exercise of tough real-life situations at your company – customized on-the-job “torture test” challenges where individuals’ personal brands might be compromised. Applying personal branding concepts, participants discuss and formulate a plan for how to face these challenges and remain consistent with their own personal brands, as well as your company’s brand.
  • Take part in a self-evaluation quiz based on Brenda’s list of the Top Personal Brand Busters™, which she will develop uniquely for your company. These are the most common mistakes made by your team which can – unknowingly – cause them to damage their personal brands or your company’s brand.

Format: Full-day workshop or Half-Day Mini Workshop.

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