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Brenda Bence, Dynamic Professional Speaker, Addresses a Conference in Singapore

With quick wit and a thought-provoking style, Brenda Bence - Certified Speaking Professional*, Harvard MBA, and Founder/President of Brand Development Associates International, Ltd. - makes her topics come alive. She “enter-trains” your group as she shares her powerful marketing and branding concepts, including enlightening and humorous stories from her years as a corporate marketer and certified executive coach. Combine that with practical corporate and personal branding ideas that your audience can put into action the minute they walk out the door, and you have a recipe for greater success for every participant in the room, as well as for your company as a whole.

Whether the focus is about building strong brands for your products or your company or defining and communicating your own personal brand – turning you into “The Trademarked YOU™” – Brenda will treat the audience to tried-and-true strategies for creating both powerhouse corporate and personal brands. Brenda will engage your group from the very start and get them excited about immediately applying her branding principles for greater success on the job and in their personal lives.

My colleagues and I felt that you were the best speaker that we have ever had at Talent Plus, at least in my 9 years here. So much great information in what you had to share!end quote
Linette Van Hunnik, Talent Plus

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Did you know that every person in your organization is part of your marketing strategy?

Brenda will show you how each team member’s personal brand is intrinsically linked to the success of your company. In fact, if your employees’ personal brands aren’t as strong as they could be, your company’s brand will be weakened in the marketplace.

Let Brenda show you how branding – both personal and corporate – can:

  • Boost your company’s profile in the market.
  • Ensure continued growth of your business.
  • Improve not only internal and external customer satisfaction but on-the-job satisfaction for your employees as well.
  • Increase your company’s bottom line.
  • Give your team a new sense of purpose in their work, as well as a renewed commitment to your company.

Brenda, you were outstanding! I cannot thank you enough for the time and care you took to prepare yourself for chairing and presenting at our annual CFO conference. You far exceeded our expectations, not only in content, but in the way you tailored your thoughts to our agenda, you made a tremendous impact. Thank you for giving 200% of yourself – not only to IQPC as organizers of the conference – but to every single delegate who attended! end quote
Megan McGill, Divisional Director, Finance IQ, An IQPC Division
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25+ Years of Experience at Your Fingertips

Brenda Bence - Engaging Speaker on Brand Development and MarketingLiving and working as a name brand marketer in numerous countries for Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb has given Brenda unprecedented experience in all aspects of mega-brand management and marketing.

As a Certified Executive Coach and author of the award-winning How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo series of personal branding books, Brenda has assisted executives, managers, and others to achieve greater success for themselves and their companies all across the globe.

You will benefit from her vast knowledge through keynote presentations such as:

  • Mastering the Brand Called YOU™ - How to Craft and Communicate Your Personal Brand on the Job for Greater Success at Work
  • Taking Charge of Your Future: Taking Control of Your Leadership Personal Brand as an Executive
  • Smarter Branding without Breaking the Bank – Empty Pockets, Full Marketing Plan
  • “YOU™” the Job Seekers – How to Use Personal Branding to Find a Great New Job, Faster
  • The Strategic Role of Humor in Advertisement: Sex, Laughs and Videotape

Brenda holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, has earned the designation of “Certified Speaking Professional” and is a member of both the Global Speakers Federation, and of Asia Professional Speakers Association.

Your passion for excellence is no surprise to me. What was a bit of a surprise to me was the overwhelmingly positive response as a speaker that you received from a crowd that tends toward being jaded, and which is so diverse that few speakers ring everyone’s chimes. But you clearly did it! end quote
James Fowler, Managing Director, Veritas Enterprises, Ltd.
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Top Reasons to Hire Brenda as a Speaker:

  • Brenda has addressed thousands throughout her career, and her dynamic and engaging style has inspired and motivated audiences all over the world.
  • She is an internationally renowned expert on branding for both high profile corporate clients, as well as for successful individuals across the globe.
  • Everyone in your company will realize they are a marketer and embrace a long-term marketing mindset for the continued success of your company.
  • You’ll gain solid, practical tips that every member of your audience can use as soon as they walk out the door.
  • Brenda breaks down complex marketing topics in an easy-to-understand, eye-opening way.
  • Her branding systems – both corporate and personal – are based on tried-and-true principles that have been proven to turn “good” brands into truly “great” brands.
  • Brenda brings her diverse, international talent and 25 years experience to every keynote speech, educating your group, as well as entertaining them.

BDA International’s President, Brenda Bence, has been designated a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association, a title earned by a small percentage of professional speakers for outstanding achievement in the profession. Read more about the CSP designation.

Brenda will get your audience engaged and in action… but you have to engage Brenda first!

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