Facilitation Services for Marketing and Brand Plan Development Workshops

Led by BDA founder, Brenda Bence* – a seasoned marketing and brand plan development facilitator – the BDA facilitation team will take charge of your marketing plan workshop from its inception to the final plan outcome.

Brenda Bence, Presenter of BDA International, Facilitates a Brand and Marketing Workshop Based on years of experience in developing and fine-tuning marketing plans for brands across the globe, BDA’s team uses time-proven methods for developing the best marketing and branding strategies and plans while leveraging your team’s existing knowledge, ideas, and input.

BDA International believes that to get the best outcomes from a marketing plan development workshop, you need:

  • The right people with the right knowledge to participate.
  • The right meeting structure, agenda, and time frame.
  • The right questions to ask and areas to probe.
  • The right process to get the best output.
  • The right action plan and defined next steps – with clear accountability.

Engage BDA International to Help You Define Brand Objectives and Develop a Strategic Marketing PlanMost importantly, you need the skills of an experienced guide who has “been in your shoes” and knows what it takes to get outstanding business-building marketing plans developed and off the ground.

BDA International’s Facilitation Services for Marketing Workshops covers all aspects of plan development and workshop facilitation, including (but not limited to):

  • Meeting planning and preparation
  • Defining and aligning meeting objectives
  • Identifying appropriate participants
  • Developing meeting theme and agenda / time frame
  • Planning for logistics and facilities
  • Defining, developing, and distributing pre-reading, as necessary
  • Communicating pre-workshop with meeting participants
  • Facilitating / guiding / moderating the actual development workshop
  • Developing a detailed action plan
  • Solidifying and defining accountability for next steps

We are indebted to you for your thinking and process and support during these last two days of meeting facilitation. It was absolutely invaluable, and I cannot imagine achieving what we did without your leadership.end quote

CEO, Multi-National Firm
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* Brenda Bence is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and Facilitators Forum Thailand.

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