Consulting Testimonials

Plot Your Success Through Strategic Branding and Marketing with BDA International

“I just want to thank you so much for your outstanding consulting work. You are amazing at what you do and I am thankful to you for helping us to reach our goals!”
Owner of new business writing about BDA International’s assistance with developing the firm’s start-up Marketing Strategy

“I find your consulting style invigorating and you shared great ideas for review and application to our business.”
Regional Asian consulting client on BDA International’s help to guide the launch of an existing product into a new geography

“Thank you for your expert guidance. You always leave a trail of improved situations in your path.”
Asian regional head of U.S.-based multi-national commenting on BDA International’s consulting assistance with marketing plan development.

“Brenda is extremely talented, she knows her subject and always comes up with good examples to help illustrate her points. She is direct, to the point, and what she shares is applicable to our needs. That’s critical for success.”
Thai-based consulting client writing about BDA International’s assistance in expanding their business overseas

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