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BDA International can help you fit all the pieces together of your product, company, or brand marketing strategy.

Strategic Brand and Marketing Consulting – BDA International
The approach BDA International Ltd. takes to Strategic Branding and Marketing Consulting is founded on the vast hands-on and real-world marketing and business development skill levels achieved by BDA’s Founder and President, Brenda S. Bence.

Brenda and her Consulting Associates have decades of marketing experience across a broad range of branding and marketing challenges, different categories and different businesses.

Brenda is extremely talented, she knows her subject and always comes up with good examples to help illustrate her points. She is direct, to the point, and what she shares is applicable to our needs. That’s critical for success.end quote

Thai-based consulting client writing about BDA International’s assistance in expanding their business overseas
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BDA’s network of marketing experts benefit from varied and extensive experiences in branding and marketing, including:

  • Marketing for startups.
  • Launching new brands from inception.
  • Growing already established brands.
  • Turning around challenged brands.

This experience has been gained through strategic marketing and branding work in Greater China, Southeast Asia, Western & Eastern Europe, and North & South America.

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